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I started my designer career in Art College working for a small print company as a layout designer around 1999.

Having +15 years of experience in design industry locally and internationally I had the privilege and luck to get know and work for lots of clients from global companies as well to artists, theaters, non-profit, cultural associations and groups, small, middle and big companies of car, central heating, real estate, banking, telecommunication, tourism, clothing..etc. companies.I designed layouts in Russian, Kazak, Croatian, English, German, Hungarian, Hebrew and Tibetan languages.

I have various designer portfolio and large scale of experience in brand and logo design, layouts, magazines, flyers, business cards, POS, other dtp - print products, web design layouts, static and animated flash banners, blog design..etc. I work with Adobe Suit: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver softwares both in Mac and PC. I have good knowledge of other programs, recently I design with CANVA for social media, creating animations.

I have a strong experience in preprint phases and preparation for print as worked in package design field as well.

I updated my studies 2 times in different schools after graduated with honour as a graphic art and visual communication teacher in 2001. I hold a bachalor degree.

I completed print, typhography studies and dtp designer studies in German - Hungarian Institute Budapest in 2006-2007 where I got a honoured degree and received my diploma even in German language as dtp designer. I also studied in Ruander Institute in Budapest as web designer and basic web programming in 2007-2008.

Since than I am/was working as a freelance designer for many clients based in Hungary and internationally (Germany, USA, Israel, Canada, UAE).

In my experience the best way is to work and deal with clients is Communication, Transparency and Fair Business, keeping deadlines and be Available, Accurate Explanation of Work Fees and Work and Phases Introduction by Hourly Excel datas. Never let any Chance for Misunderstandings about the Design.

My motto for Design:” Be simple, easy to understand and plain, good for print and web, but something excellent, eye-cathing and unique.”

Please ask for portfolio and hourly rates if interested in making a project or work with me as a freelance designer. I reply in 8 hours. I offer: +15 years experience in design industry, unique handrawn logos and designs, fair hourly or project rates and quick work, flexible, client based deal, contract with deadlines, paypal payment possibilty.

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